Monday, 24 September 2012

Identity Crisis

Okay guys. It's time to be (sort of) serious(ish) for a moment.

Been doing or not doing this blog of random humour and commentary on stupid shit for a while now, and it's not really what I fancy doing any more. Of course, I love writing, and I like jokes and humour and all that. However, I also want to write serious things, and talk more about games and all the other stuff I love rather than imaginary diseases or conspiracy theories about squirrels trying to steal my eyelids.

Thus it has been decided. This isn't just a blog where I try and be funny for a bit every once in a while when I have time.
There will be made up stupid things.
There will be silly science.
There will be sarcastic satire.
There will be awesome and interesting games.
There will be real shit*
It will be epic

 *not actually shit shit, you know, shit as in stuff.

This way I figure I can just let myself write whatever and if you want to see it fine and if not you can sod off back to eating jellybabies with a spoon or however you spend your free time. It's not like I have an established fanbase, so I think I'll just keep spitting out things here until I strike gold and inevitably become rich and blah blah I think we all know this ends in porridge explosions.

The key thing here is that I don't have to make myself be funny, it'll happen naturally and work better then. Plus I can write about all the things I'm really fucking angry about (I'm looking at you government!)

Without further ado, a review of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

(PS, I'm having a lot of trouble when I copy and paste text from Evernote into here, what with fonts going all irregular and looking fuck all like they do in this box when they appear on the blog. Sorry about that. It's definitely Google's fault. Yep. All them.)

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